• CompareCredit

    CompareCredit is a data comparison aggregator and technology company that makes shopping for credit cards and loans more transparent. CompareCredit relies on lender partners for information and delivers prime qualified applicants looking for new credit products to major financial institutions. Using artificial intelligence technology to match the best offer to every unique visitor, CompareCredit connects consumers with the right credit cards, loans and student loan refinance offers. At CompareCredit there are: No Games. Just Comparisons.

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  • RateQuote

    RateQuote uses propriety marketing technology to provide personalized automotive insurance quotes and information. Working with insurance carrier partners, RateQuote ranks shoppers information to determine the optimal provider at the lowest cost while helping them make the best possible coverage decision. At RateQuote: Make shopping for auto insurance a GreatQuote.

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  • Alaskan King Crab

    Alaskan King Crab Co. specializes in sustainable species of king crab, salmon, cod, halibut and shrimp, ensuring that the seafood is of the utmost quality and arrives impeccably. By pairing old-school quality and new school innovation, Alaskan King Crab Co. delivers sumptuous, seasonal seafood from the dock to your doorstep overnight.

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  • Market House

    A modern marketplace for quality meats and seafood that rivals your neighborhood butcher, and ships straight to your door, and is blessed by a James Beach Award-winning chef.

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  • Nice Commerce

    Nice Commerce is a tech-led 3PL that provides e-commerce brands with an outsourced "nice" logistical experience to its customers. Nice Commerce leverages its own proprietary technology to provide online companies with real-time inventory tracking, efficient 2-day shipping & fulfillment across the 48 states, immediate on-demand promotion insertion, automated analytical selling insights and general "nice" support that is differentiated by the end-user. Nice Commerce obsesses over the belief that a nice supply chain leads to value creation for our customers.

  • Pebble

    Pebble is the proprietary technology behind Sovereign that leverages custom marketing attribution with artificial intelligence to stitch together various touch points of a consumer's journey in order to quantify unique connections. The technology solves for marketing optimization and marketing opportunities to unlock business insights and create a path toward business scale.

  • Auntie NoNo's

    Auntie NoNo's everything seasoning is the savory secret to roasted vegetables, steaks, roasts, burgers, chops, chicken, fish, eggs and more! Use it on anything. Use it on everything.

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